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Star guitar
for those who play, want to or jus love listening to others play.

Group Founder: trigga32
Description: anyone who wants to play guitar, already play, want to play or like to watch other people play like i do!
Group Type: Public join
Members: 22
Category: Music > Rock & Pop

Topics (5)

go STRYPER (2) romano6
I like the band called STRYPER and I am Looking 4 material on them and I want 2 start my own group

go NeW (2) deadsoul
Boy this forum is dead. Haha. Lets bring it back from da dead. Lol. Umm...i play guitar. I been playn for awhile now on an electric Harmony. Im gonna upgrade on my birthday n buy an accoustic black Fe...

go Grinding the axe! (0) casket
Whats your status and rank lol na joking. . K lets speak about tips and tricks. . Bpm, scales, legendary riff's and that high note hormonic's rocker.gif

go welcome! (1) trigga32
hey all you rockers. set up your own topic now and we can chat about rockin out

go u am i (1) coffshbr
tim rogers n davey lane.. anyone else like em?